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Sequoyah Game Review

Going into this game on September twenty-first our coaching staff expected a tough game but not a total beat down like last night. We arrived thirty minutes before the game. Before the game we went over the basics of what we need to do to win. On kickoff team we planned on kicking it deep. On receiving team we stressed the importance of ball control. We would just run our basic offense and  we would test our new 22 Steele defense. Our game was 7:30 to 9:30. One of my jobs as a coach is to review the game film.

Now losing forty-six to zero is never something to be joyful about but I do feel we did some positive things. Our quarterback Randy was one block away from scoring on several drives. I will work with the line to get those final blocks. On Raptor one of our tackle trap plays, we had a huge hole but the hand-off exchange was not clean. Our receivers were running their corner routes way to deep and Randy continues to only look to his right while passing. Our offense was slow and we looked a little rusty. We need to run more reps a practice.

On defense, if we were in our base defense and the kids had more experience, we would have gotten the ball back a few times. IWe also missed a lot of tackles. My instructions to the ends were not correct during practice and it allowed the belly dive to both sides to be open. However, we attempted to adjust during the game and we still did not get the pinching that we needed. We will go back to our 5-3 and stay consistent with our training. Our defense lines will focus on covering the inside gaps. 

Start Time: 7:00 P.M.

End Time: 9:30 P.M.

Total Hours: 2.5


Coach Al Ellis

Today’s date is September 22nd and this is my first blog about my project facilitator Alfred Ellis. Al was born and raised in central Michigan. In high school he played a multitude of sports including football, basketball, and golf. He told me stories of the golden days where he used to be one of the teams leaders. Al moved to Woodstock a couple years after high school and started a family.

Al started a career of technology while enjoying coaching little league basketball and football. He coached all of his kids in multiple sports. His youngest son E.J. Ellis and I used to play basketball and football together. I stopped playing basketball so now we are both starting on the high school football team. Coach Al coaching me in basketball 4th through 6th grade. He coached both E.J. and I in our 8th grade year of football. Coach Al has always been a personal mentor to me because he has always been honest and he is never afraid to speak his mind.

Many of the coaching techniques that I will be perfecting this football season were learned from him. Since Al has always been there to correct my mistakes during past years of rigorous practice sessions he is a loyal person. He is extremely dedicated to this football team and it is my pleasure and honor to stand along side him as a coach. This season Al will be our offensive coordinator and I will coach the offensive line. With his twenty-six years of coaching experience there is no doubt in my mind that Al Ellis is the right person to be my project facilitator. 


Image Coach Al and I discuss blocking schemes at practice.