Woodstock Game Review

On Saturday October 5th, our team went to play Woodstock for our fourth game of the season. Starting off with a 0-3 record is not that fun, but as a coaching staff we are striving for the kids to stay positive. Last night the kids played a great game. The score of last nights game was 30-32 and we lost. We got to Woodstock high at Seven P.M. to warm up. Our game started at 7:30 because the 6th grade game went into overtime.We did some positive and negative things.

On the offensive side of the ball, our running game proved to be powerful. However, the 2 fumbles we had we costly because they were on our side of the field, giving Woodstock short fields to score. On offense we predicted that when we shifted into our main formation, that their defense would stay in their 5-4 defense and they did. Our formation is Right Spread ZIT (Z-back in tight). Our team runs the triple option and on most of our plays we get excellent blocking but we are blocking the read of the option. Our quarterback Randy continues to surprise me with his speed, agility, and his field vision. He brings confidence to our team, which is exactly what our team needs. I expect this kid to be a breakout athlete in high school and he has a bright future ahead of him.

Although I am not a defensive coach through the film I can see that our d-line gets their hands on the offensive lineman and they do not let them reach the second level which are our linebackers. Our secondary is not fire stepping into tackles. I advised our defensive coaches to work on our open field tackling. I am happy with how our defense played as a whole. It was a though lose but I feel as we progress during this learning process that we will come up with a win.

Start Time: 7:00

End Time: 9:30

Total: 2.5 hours


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