Lassiter Game Review

Our team practiced hard this past week in order to plat against a  tough opponent that went to the play-offs last year. This season has been tough on our boys since we have lost the first four out of eight games. The team has fun and in the end that is all it is really about. This week in practice we worked on holding on to the ball, since we have had many turnovers this season. Also I worked on cross blocks and blocks on the second level. When we arrived at Lassiter we started to go over our special teams about an hour before the game. The players seemed to be well rested and confident before the kick-off of the game.

In this game we lost thirty to sixteen but, it was tied sixteen all at halftime. On offense in this game we ran and passed the ball efficiently. On the first drive when ran our play Right Spread Gun Budda. On this play our offense is set in a shotgun formation and it is a direct snap to the quarterback. Then he takes the ball right off tackle. Our offensive line gets great push and we get on the second level therefore making the linebackers unable to tackle Randy, our quarterback. With Randy’s speed he outruns everyone on the field and scores our first touchdown. Randy threw very well completing five of seven passes for forty-three yards. On defense David, our defensive end/linebacker made key tackles on third downs and I am pleased with his determination to play hard. In conclusion these games are just building blocks for high school football. In high school these kids will win games and that’s a fact.

 Start Time: 7:00 P.M.

End Time: 9:30 P.M.

Total: 2.5 Hours






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